Clinicians, Cap Rates and Care Clinicians, Cap Rates and Care

DOCPROPERTIES® is a healthcare real estate investment and advisory firm specializing in medical and dental property assets in the Western US. We serve entrepreneurial clinicians and investors in an essential property sector that delivers predictable and profitable returns capitalizing on the growing demand for outpatient services.


Our investments offer co-investors a chance to capitalize on an essential, sustainable, and resilient alternative asset class. We deliver stable and growing income streams in any economic environment with a proven track record of 95% tenant retention rate, long-term lease agreements, and less than 1% default rate from clinicians generating consistent income and hedging against risk.


Our extensive experience completing 1000s of transactions investment sales, leasing and corporate real estate services provides our clients with a 360 degree view of healthcare real estate. We position our clients to take advantage of the current market trends or mitigate risk in the marketplace.


• Preserve Capital
• Mitigate Risk
• Provide Transparency
• Maintain Accountability


• Sale Leasebacks
• Medical Office Sales
• Healthcare Corporate Services
• Triage Properties Consulting

Featured Clinician Owner Featured Clinician Owner

Going into a clinic like your orthopedic urgent care /E.R, there are cost savings and that's pretty significant.
You could save the County of Miami almost $10 million a year.



We are always looking for co-investors and healthcare properties. If you would like to be a part of our growing community, please co-invest with us in healthcare properties and benefit from stable, long-term returns.


We offer consulting services on a retainer basis if you are looking to create value in your healthcare property and explore options beyond selling.


We are healthcare real estate experts. Our extensive track record uniquely positions our clients for successful transactions.

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