Driving prosperity by capitalizing opportunities with essential, demand-driven , mission-critical, and purpose-built healthcare properties.


DOCPROPERTIES mission is to help clients reach their investment goals and allow clinicians to focus on delivering quality care to their patients.


The best solutions. are the results of clinicians and investors partnering and collaborating. The outcome allows patients to receive care when and where they need it and investors the returns required to build and manage facilities.

Trisha Talbot
Managing principal

Ms. Talbot is known for her knowledge, expertise, and entrepreneurial vision with a passion for personalized client attention. She serves as the Managing Principal of DOCPROPERTIES, a healthcare real estate investment and advisory firm. Her determination to close deals demonstrates its results in thousands of transactions across the U.S. specializing in sales leasebacks, turning around value-add properties and portfolio management. Known for staying ahead of the curve with innovative solutions to complex situations. She has a proven track record of creative collaboration, earning multiple awards and has shared her expertise as a guest on several podcasts, panels and in articles and is a trusted advisor with long-term client relationships.

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