A healthcare property sale leaseback can be a mutually beneficial arrangement for both the practice and the investor. For the practice, it offers an opportunity to unlock equity from their property and access capital for growth. This, in turn, can improve their financial position and increase cash reserves. For the investor, a sale leaseback can provide steady rental income from a long-term lease with a stable and recession-resistant healthcare practice. Healthcare real estate is also a relatively uncorrelated asset class that can offer diversification to an investor’s portfolio, with potential for appreciation over time. Furthermore, healthcare properties typically operate with triple net leases (NNN) and protect the investor against rising operating costs.


Healthcare property dispositions include a range of assets including medical office buildings, urgent care centers, surgery centers, dental properties, emergency centers and hospitals. Various exit strategies area available based on an investor’s goals.

DOCPROPERTIES’ investment method provides a proven process for selling healthcare property assets for their highest and best value. Learn more about our monetization game plan and process.


Healthcare corporate real estate services support the real estate needs of healthcare organizations. These services can include strategic planning, site selection, leasing, acquisition of properties and disposition of surplus assets.

DOCPROPERTIES understands the unique needs and challenges of healthcare organizations and works to create custom solutions that align with their strategic objectives. By leveraging our expertise and industry knowledge, we help healthcare organizations optimize their real estate portfolios, reduce costs, and improve operational efficiency. Allow our services to play a vital role in supporting your delivery of high-quality patient care while helping your healthcare company achieve its business goals.

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This week Trisha is sharing an interview she did on the Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow podcast by Kevin Bupp. They discussed healthcare real estate, why it is attractive, and what investors need to know before entering into the asset class. In addition, they touch on sale leasebacks, some pandemic effects, and a general overview of the industry.


Healthcare Real Estate Investments
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