Corporate Real Estate services

Doc Properties is your trusted partner offering corporate real estate solutions for medical, healthcare or dental practices with multiple locations

Corporate Real Estate Advisors

Our goal in assisting you with your real estate is to reduce costs, meet your business objectives, track and monitor your real estate holdings, improve decision making time lines, match your real estate to your growth timely, and help you deliver the best patient experience possible.

Current Real Estate Portfolio

Future Growth

Doc Properties will help you identify markets for your future locations, based on healthcare growth, real estate opportunities and population demand.  By giving you a complete look at different markets, we will assist you to make real estate decisions more quickly and to obtain a competitive edge.

In examining your real estate goals, we’ll help you assess whether you should you buy or lease your real estate.  If you buy, what does the exit strategy look like from a time line and monetization goals?

We monitor your real estate so that it works for you, so that you can focus on what you really want to do – provide excellent healthcare to your patients!

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