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Entrepreneurial Dentists Maximize The Value Of Their DentalProperties

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DOCPROPERTIES sells a portfolio of 14 dental properties across the US as dentists sell their real estate in the process of selling their practices to private equity groups. 

  • 14 dental properties
  • 8 states
  • $19 million
  • Avg price per square foot, $374

“By signing 10-year leases and selling the properties in a portfolio, these entrepreneurial dentists maximized the value of their dental properties.  After selling their practice to a private equity they will lose property value as the lease burns off and most likely will only be able to get 5-year renewals moving forward.  A sale leaseback is a great exit strategy for these dentists to choose to increase their service lines, hire associate dentists, employ more staff, or reinvest. Every community needs dental care and patients prefer to see a dentist that is close to their home or work”.

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