How Corporate Real Estate Services Can Help Your Healthcare Business

By Kathleen Morgan

If you have multiple locations for your dental, medical, or healthcare practice, navigating today’s healthcare real estate market provides many opportunities. DOCPROPERTIES innovative solutions are designed to help your practice take advantage of these opportunities.  Here’s what you can expect when working with us.

Reduced Costs

There are always things you can do to reduce the costs of running your facility, but identifying those areas through careful analysis takes time. Your time is already stretched thin when you’re running a healthcare practice. That’s why you should leave this in the capable hands of DOCPROPERTIES. Whether it’s negotiating the cost of real estate services or improving facilities maintenance, we can help you find cost-saving solutions.

Better Patient Experiences

In healthcare, the ultimate measure of your success is the experience of your patients. Patient satisfaction isn’t as simple as whether or not you provide quality care. The design of the workplace, the amenities you offer, and the environmental standards all play a role in patient satisfaction. If there are ways to improve the patient experience by altering the space, we find the best way to make it happen.

Key Real Estate Terms

There are the key terms within your leases that should be monitored, such as renewal & expansion options, termination clauses & personal guarantees. Also, does your current real estate portfolio support the practice’s needs now and in the future. At DOCPROPERTIES we analyze and negotiate all of the real estate terms that impact your practice, growth and bottom line.

Long-Term Growth

Think of us as your long-term partner that wants to help you grow and achieve your goals. We ensure you’re in the space that’s right for your current needs as well as your long-term goals. If your current location is hindering your ability to earn maximum profits or deliver the best quality care, we will find a solution!

Our corporate real estate advisors have the expertise and your and your patients’ best interests in mind. By taking local trends, healthcare growth, and real estate opportunities into account, we can identify the best places for your future locations as your practice grows.

Decisions Made Simple

Our team helps alleviate your burden of decision-making. When you’re already juggling a million decisions as the owner of your practice, the last thing you want is to make challenging decisions about real estate.

While some practices are better suited to buying real estate, it may be more advantageous for others to lease their facilities. We’ll determine the most complementary strategy for your needs.

Improve Your Practice with DOCPROPERTIES

DOCPROPERTIES wants your real estate to work for you in the way that it should. With the help of our corporate real estate advisors, you can cut costs, achieve your goals, and provide a superior level of care for all your patients. To learn more, get in touch with us today!

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