DOCPROPERTIES Quarterly MOB Market Report Identifies Opportunities for Biggest ROI

Having the latest market data is imperative for making strategic investment decisions, especially amid rising inflation. Analyzing data from Q2, DOCPROPERTIES’ latest Medical Office Market Report provides information physicians and investors need to identify opportunities for the greatest returns. From updates on sales and leasing activity to submarket statistics and year-over-year indicators, the Medical Office

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Trisha Talbot Advises In Business Readers on How to Optimize ROI from Healthcare Real Estate Investment

Considered recession-proof due to its mission-critical and demand-driven nature, medical real estate is one of the hottest asset classes. Because mistakes can be costly, Trisha Talbot wrote an article for In Business outlining four steps for a more thoughtful, data-driven approach to healthcare real estate investment. Although increased demand, low tenant attrition and limited speculative

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