A healthcare property sale leaseback can be a mutually beneficial arrangement for both a practice and an investor. A practice unlocks equity and an investor receives steady income while the practice remains a long-term tenant focusing on practicing medicine and caring for patients.


Clinician Benefits

A sale leaseback can be an effective way for medical practices to unlock the value of their real estate assets and improve their financial position, while also providing stability and growth opportunities for the future.



Investors look for sale leasebacks for a steady income stream that is resistant to economic cycles. Many purchase using 1031 Exchanges.

Unlock Equity

Allows the practice to unlock equity from their property by selling it to an investor and leasing it back.

Steady Income

An investor can enjoy steady rental income from a long-term lease with a healthcare practice. This provides a predictable and stable source of income, especially considering the healthcare industry is generally considered to be recession-resistant.

Capital for Growth

Provides the practice with a substantial infusion of capital which can be used for growth opportunities, such as hiring additional staff, upgrading technology, or expanding services.


Investing in healthcare real estate can provide diversification to an investors portfolio. This asset class is generally considered to be relatively uncorrelated to the stock market, which can help to reduce portfolio volatility.

Improved Financial Position and Exit Strategy

Monetizing their real estate assets can help the practice to improve their financial position by reducing debt and increasing cash reserves to use now or as a strategic exit strategy.

Inflation Hedge

Healthcare properties typically triple net (NNN) and protect the investor against rising operating expenses.


With the Clinician and Investor


Dr. Troy Anderson:
Phoenix Neurology and Sleep Medicine
A Physician owners path to advocating sleep health and hygiene

“When it comes to insomnia, (medicine’s) the first thing I need to prescribe. But studies have shown that medications alone are only one-third effective in treating long-term insomnia.”


Ben Reinberg
Founder &CEO of Alliance Consolidated Group
Resilience and Returns: There was a time before healthcare real estate was seen as a good investment when the risk was seen as great and only the resilient dared venture into this space. Part 1 & 2

“We were criticized when we were buying medical properties over a decade ago but with what’s going on in our world right now, people realized that it’s more of a secure investment”

“One thing I enjoy about this business is it’s a marathon business. It is all about persistence and hanging in there”


Healthcare Real Estate Investments
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